Worship and Fellowship

This page is to give you general sense of what it's like to attend a mass at St. Timothy's.

Our worship ceremony (mass) is very akin to the Catholic faith. We say the Nicene Creed and the Lord's Prayer. We have 3 readings, one from the Old Testament, one from the new Testament, and one from the Gospels. The Sermon is always crafted from our presiding Priest, visiting Priest, youth Minister, or our beloved retired Deacon. The Sermon invariably will elaborate on one of the readings, speak to a current news event, or highlight a topic within the Church itself.

We always perform the Euchairst, and encourage any baptized Christians any faith or denomination to partake.

It feels like Church. It feels reverent, pure, and holy. The prayers are carefully worded and have depth of meaning. I find myself pondering these prayers very often, they are so beautiful and carefully crafted.

The early mass is spoken and tends to go quickly. This is our 8am service. The later mass at 10:30 our Choir participates and has many songs sung from our hymnal. Our Choir is about 14 members on a given Sunday and their musical pieces can be very uplifting.

After Church, we have Fellowship (our name for Coffee Hour), however, it is much more. We share our thoughts, discuss happenings, and enjoy each others company. This is where we feel like a family. To me this is the real nourishment, loving my fellow parishioner, caring for them, and meeting guests that join us.

If you are hungry for a Church that feels like Church, come and join us and see!