The Vestry is 12 members of Church body that make decisions for the good and welfare of Saint Timothy's. It is our governing body. Members serve a 3 year term, and can run for a second consecutive 3 year term. The members of the Vestry feel it is an honor and privilege to serve St. Timothy's in this capacity.

Rich Krueger
Stewardship, Website
6th year on Vestry
Since the first year of being on Vestry, he took on the role of Stewardship. Soon thereafter, he took on the mission of taking on our website. Rich is passionate about the Lord, and our spiritual mission. Rich abides by the philosophy that much difficulty in life can be avoided by placing your burdens on the Lord (Matthew 11:28-30). He very often looks to the Bible for answers, when dealing with all of life's problems.
Ethel Wesley
Youth Group Leader,
1st year on Vestry
Ethel is no stranger to being on Vestry. She is a long time Church goer of the Episcopal denomination. She is incredibly devout, has wealth of experience and we are blessed to have her. Her calling in life has been educating and shaping youth. It keeps her spry, youthful, organized, and very observant.
William Moore
Accouting Warden,
Sunday School,
Sports Coordinator
2nd year on Vestry
Besides being our Accounting Warden, Bill has taken on the role of coordinating our Softball Team. We are definitely not the greatest, but St. Timothy's feels it is yet another way to get out involved with our community. Bill has two small children and one Senior in High School, so it is no wonder he puts energy towards our Sunday School Program. Bill hopes to help shape this Church and these programs to serve our current parishioners as well as our future generations.
Robert Campbell
Property Chair, Usher
3rd year on Vestry
Bob hopes that our Church is able to attract the younger population in our immediate area of Roxoborough. He is passionate about preserving and improving our beautiful church and inspiring more people to be involved to keep it that way.
Jean McConnell
Pastoral Care, VBS
4th year on Vestry
Jean is passionate about our Music Program at St. Timothy's and works hard behind the scenes, to keep the Choir organized and efficient. She is also focused on growth in our Sunday School Program, VBS Program, the St. James School and other Community Programs. Also, her work with our Pastoral Care Ministry is incredibly special; providing cards to shut-ins, meals/care/assistance for those of that are injured.
Linda Johnston
Altar Guild
1st year on Vestry
Linda has been a reliable member of the Altar Guild for 7 years. She is new to the Vestry this year and growing into the role. She is passionate about growth in our Parish and our local Mission work. She is excited about St. Timothy's, and we can sense big things from Linda in the future.
Ann Greene
Finance Committee,
Quarterly Crafters
5th year on Vestry
Ann is passionate about St. Timothy's future and expanding opportunities for ministries by all parioshioners. She heads up the Discernment Committee and is guiding us through the whole process to a fruitful end.
Claire Morgan
Rector's Warden,
Parish Life
2nd year on Vestry
Claire is possibly the most organized person I have met in my life. She chairs our Parish Life Ministry, which plans a majority of our social events throughout the year. Claire is quite passionate about providing opportunities for the members to connect with each other, and it shows in our events. Claire hopes to grow the size of our parish community while maintaining our "family" feel.
Louise Stewart
Quarterly Crafters,
5th year on Vestry
Louise has an incredible artist's eye, and is incredibly valuable for bringing a fresh perspective to problems and tasks. She is passionate about diversity at St. Timothy's and also our Outreach Programs. She hopes in the future, we can fufill these tasks and more, as God puts them before us.
Sandy Abrams
Finance Committee,
PIHN, Missions,
3rd year on Vestry
Sandy is in the Health Profession and has done several Mission trips to Central and South America. She absolutely has a can-do attitude, and has been a ray of light. Her hope for St. Timothy's is that we can be seen by our Community as a home for all cultures, ethinicity, and sexual orientation, to experience to the love of God together and through our active minitries at St. Timothy's.
Catherine Evans
Finance Committee
3rd year on Vestry
Catherine has been a shining example of stepping up. In short order she has taken on the Treasurer Role, and she just moved in and got it done. I have so much respect for her tenacity. Now, Catherine is flourishing in the Treasurer role, coming up with new fresh, innovative ideas to push us to the next level finance and book-keeping. She is passionate builiding our relationships with each other and God. Catherine is not only interested in the members that our currently involved, but those we see periodically, and those that are new.
Robert Grow
Finance Committee,
Counter, Usher,
Youth Program
2nd year on Vestry
Rob has been behind the scenes for years taking our financial gifts and placing them in our Accounting system. It is truly a thankless job. Well, this is a big THANK YOU for your many years of behind the scenes service. Rob helps keep an eye our finances, and works with Catherine getting the financial reports together. Rob is also passionate about maintaining and expanding our Youth Program.