Community Partners

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For more than 150 years St. Tim’s has been meeting the needs of the community. This is still at the core of who we are and we are constantly seeking ways to meet the needs of our neighbors. The key to our success is partnering with community organizations.

We are proud to partner with:

  • Alzheimer’s Association We host a monthly support group for caregivers.
  • Episcopal Community Services We provide financial support to assist their work among the poor and vulnerable in our city and region.
  • Interac and Journey's Way Located right here in Roxborough, we provide financial support to assist with their work with the elderly as well as those living with behavioural health issues and intellectual disabilities. Our clergy also serve of their board of directors and provide pastoral services to some of their senior housing complexes.
  • North Light Community Center A pillar of the community for more than 80 years, we regularly collect food for their pantry as well as providing financial support. At Christmas we work with them to provide a full festive meal and gifts for 20 local families.
  • Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network A shelter program designed to help families get back on their feet and into their own homes again we are proud to host 3-4 families at our church each year. During this time, we provide lodging, food and companionship. We consider it a blessing to share our facility, and serve these special guests.
  • Roxborough Memorial Hospital Originally founded by St. Tim’s in 1890 we have reconnected in recent years and now provide regular pastoral support services to both patients and staff alike. We are also pleased to partner with them on our community garden.
  • Seaman's Church Institute Seaman's ministers to sailors all along the Delaware River ports. In addition to financial assistance we also collect winter clothing to help sailors from warmer climes.
  • St. James School Located at the historic St. James the Less parish in nearby East Falls, this Episcopal School provides high quality education to at risk children at no cost. Every August our parish collects school supplies to assist.

We are also pleased to serve as host for the following organizations